About Solar Water Tank

At Purever Solar we have chosen to use only high quality stainless steel solar hot water storage tanks. Our range of tanks has been designed especially for solar water heating storage, They are designed according to India’s water conditions.

The inner tank is made from high grade marine stainless. Stainless steel is ideal material choice for solar hot water storage tanks the water temperature produced by solar collectors in summer can get very hot and the Stainless Steel is well suited to the higher temperatures up to 75°C.

The “double convex” cylinder design results in optimum electrical element, water supply and delivery port locations, this attention to detail aids the flushing-through of suspended solids which would normally deposit in the bottom of the tank.

The Stainless steel outer casing is tough and durable, delivering superior thermal performance and low heat loss values. These unique features reduce heat loss and give you more useable hot water!

Duplex Stainless Steel Hot Water Tanks
For Heat Pump And Solar Input

Purever Tank are the new unvented hot water storage systems that have been designed specifically to be installed in conjunction with a heat pump or a solar thermal system and additional input from a heat pump. Fast flow rates and the use of an external expansion vessel to reduce maintenance are just a few of the features of Purever Duplex Water Tank. Manufactured from ‘Duplex’ stainless steel for excellent corrosion resistance, the cylinders also feature energy efficient and environmentally friendly foam insulation for low standing heat loss.

Purever Tanks can be linked to most heat pump and solar thermal systems available on the market and will provide you with both domestic hot water and commercial hot water.


  • The inner tank is manufactured from 2.0 mm Duplex tough grade corrosion resistant stainless steel.
  • The cylinders high flow rates are ideal for multiple bathrooms allowing baths to fill very quickly.
  • Fast reheat and high efficiency makes hot water always available.
  • Very well insulated resulting in low heat loss.
  • Economical to run.
  • Standard size : From 100-500 liters, customized solution also available.
  • Anodic protection in tank.
  • 50mm CFC and HCFC free foam lagging for low heat loss.

316 L Stainless Steel Hot Water Tanks
For Heat Pump And Solar Input

Purever Tanks are manufactured from 316L stainless steel, featuring superior corrosion resistance. They offer high flow rates for powerful showers and fast filling baths. As a result they provide mains pressure hot water around the home, which makes them suitable for use in buildings with multiple bathrooms. They offer fast reheat times and minimal heat loss from the stored water.

The range comprises of Direct and Indirect models in a variety of sizes, including solar units to use with renewable energy sources. They are all supplied as a complete package, which includes all components required to complete the installation.


  • The Stainless steel 316L used to manufacture these cylinders ensures absolute hygiene and long-lasting duarbility.
  • Available with or without heat exchanger.
  • Heavy duty anode rod protects tanks from corision.
  • CFC free thicker puff insulation offers complete protection against radiant heat loss.
  • After welding, the tank is hydrostatically pressure tested to ensure quality conformance.