In recent years metallurgists have developed superior metals known as Duplex stainless steels (2205), these are achieved by increased levels of chromium, nickel, molybdenum and nitrogen to levels higher than is present in ordinary marine grade 316. The result is a stainless steel that provides very good resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion in a seawater environment, making 2205 stainless steel far superior to 316 and 316L.

Purever Global Solutions Titanium is another step forward in positioning water storage as the “Integrity” leader in the industry. Purever Global continues to invest in technology that truly enhances performance, value, and benefits for your family. Titanium is the highest grade of steel used in the biomedical implants, which is 100% clean, non-corrosive, non-porous, and highly resistant to chemical attack.The most important layer on Water tank is the layer that touches your water. Purever Global uses 316Ti technology that combines 316 Stainless Steel with Titanium. This advancement provides you the peace of mind, that when you are storing water for your family, you are using the cleanest, safest materials available in the world today.

This type of water tank is perfect for storage of your drinking water supply. In fact, it is mandatory for stainless steel to be used in food and pharmaceutical processing plants, hospitals and other sterile areas – so you can rest assured that the quality of your water is second to none. The classic corrugated profile produces a tank with an aesthetic of timeless beauty and quality. For drinking water, our food grade s/s tanks offer the purest water storage available to ensure your family’s health and quality of life..

Residential stainless steel water tanks are categorized in three different series Tropinox, Hyginox and Purinox. To serve with the best available stainless steel water tanks at your house, every single tank under these series plays a different role in terms of durability and safety of the water. With all stainless steel fittings, every stainless steel water tank at your home is installed very cautiously for hassle free performance.